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Look and smell your best on your big day

Vintage dress cleaning

Opted for a classic, vintage dress for your wedding day? We can bring that old dress back to life with professional laundry services and pressing.

Stain removal

Had a spill on your dress before the big day? We have the tools, products and knowledge to remove nearly all kinds of stains and bring your dress back to its pure white glory.

Professional presentation

Once your dress has been cleaned, we present your clean dress to you on hangers or in a special box.


Whatever you need, we can help. Call for more information on 0151 608 6484.

Sudsational Laundry & Launderettes offers a specialist wedding dress cleaning service for customers across the Birkenhead area.

Make sure you look amazing on your wedding day. Get wedding dress cleaning by calling Prenton - 0151 608 6484 Moreton - 0151 678 4858!

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