Prenton -  0151 608 6484

Moreton - 0151 678 4858


Laundry for men on the go

Regular cleaning

You can bring your shirts to us every week, and we'll provide a professional cleaning service, and great smelling finish to all shirts.

Pressing and handing

All shirts can be pressed and hung so that they're ready to wear the following week. We can also press and fold fitted or flat.

In-house service washes

Need an urgent clean? Try our in-house services washes, with competitively priced washing machines and dryers.

Got a busy work schedule? No time to clean and press all of your work shirts? Help is at hand! Sudsational Laundry & Launderettes offers a professional shirt cleaning and ironing service ideal for the businessman on the go.

For a great deal on laundry and shirt pressing, call our team on Prenton - 0151 608 6484 Moreton - 0151 678 4858!

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