Prenton -  0151 608 6484

Moreton - 0151 678 4858


Expert cleaning and affordable washing machine hire

Washing machine hire

We have brand new super washing machines and dryers, which let you wash your clothes and bed linen for as little as £3.20. You can wash duvet quilts for as little as £4.40. Powders are sold loose in store.

Fantastic dryers

Our professional dryers are ready and waiting, and can dry all of your fabrics in a matter of minutes. If you're stuck for time, we'll arrange service washes in stores.

Sports kits

Show mud the red card! We offer kit cleaning services that start at as little as £12,00 for up to fifteen shirts. Ask in store for more information or give us a call on 01516 086 484.

Whether you're looking to use our highly reliable washing machines, or require expert laundry services, we're here to help. At Sudsational Laundry & Launderettes, we offer affordable cleaning services all-round.

Get amazing deals from professional cleaners in Birkenhead. Call Prenton - 0151 608 6484 Moreton - 0151 678 4858 today!

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