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Look great every day with professional ironing

Folding services

If you prefer, we can fold your clothes and shirts in such a way that further creases are limited. We don't send your clothes to third parties either, we do it all right here in store.

A fresh smell every time

All ironing and cleaning is done in a smoke-free room with natural ventilation, ensuring all of your clean clothes smell naturally fresh.

Day to day clothing

As well as work and formal shirts, we can iron all of your day to day clothing, including baby and children's clothing. Enjoy laundry services the Sudsational way.

Ironing definitely isn't the most enjoyable task, and it's certainly not the easiest. At Sudsational Laundry & Launderettes, we offer professional pressing services, for shirts, bed sheets and all other garments. We press your clothes, and return them in hangers with protective coverings.

Save time and enjoy professional pressing services. Call our team on Prenton - 0151 608 6484 Moreton - 0151 678 4858 today!

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